We had the best adventure in Pilbara so choosing a top 10 wasn’t an easy task. 

We must make note of the people we met on our adventure, everyone was friendly, welcoming and we loved all the interesting stories. The food was also standout, we literally ate our way through the Pilbara and every meal was just as delicious as the next. Our accommodation was fantastic, unique and an experience in itself.
Here are some of the experiences that stood out for us.


A great start to the trip! When we found out we won a trip to the Pilbara, an island escape was not what we thought we would be getting, but our experience here exceeded all expectations. Thevenard Island is so quiet, unique and beautiful (and we didn’t even see it at its best with the aftermath of Cyclone Olwyn), the island has many different draw cards. The sun rises, sunsets and turtles hatching to name a few. Also, island management, our fantastic host’s Jade and Art.


We were so lucky to experience Yarrie and it was definitely a highlight! Our only regret, wishing we could have stayed longer. Annabel and her team were so welcoming, friendly and good company. Arriving to everyone swimming with the horses in the river was memorable and we loved the station life stories. Plus how many people can say they have slept surrounded by spinifex thread through chicken wire and running water to keep them cool. A huge thank you to Annabelle for the helicopter ride, it was amazing and we really appreciate it! A unique and beautiful experience.


We only got a small glimpse of a typical rock art tour with Clinton from Ngurrangga Tours, but it was enough to get us hooked. So much history, knowledge and humour to share drew us in and made us want to come back and see more. The NYFL cultural centre with Vince and Clinton was a memorable experience that is hard to describe. We felt connected to their culture and passion to share their knowledge, and enthused by their positive plans for the future. We wish this place all the best as it is a massive contribution to the culture and the people who get to experience the project at its best.


We could spend days out on the boat with Brad from Discovery Sailing. The Dampier Archipelago is absolutely beautiful and when you’re tucked away into a bay of one of those islands you feel like you are in your own private piece of paradise. Skipper Brad is a fun bloke to be around; a genuine top guy and it must be noted that he never gives up (case in question, Go Pro at the bottom of the ocean). Feeding on oysters fresh from the ocean might be a stretch for some, but the time spent at Pirate's Cove viewing the rock art and Dampier's landing place was special.


Wow! Our room at Point Samson Resort was amazing; love the spacious bathroom with unique tiling and spa bath. The Resort has lovely and quirky items throughout and a walk around is a must. Their onsite restaurant, Tata’s, is a culinary experience in itself. The food was sensational, I highly recommend the tasting platter with the duck pate and salt and pepper crocodile. The flavours in our meals blended together perfectly to create an unforgettable dinner. Resort and restaurant owners, Helen and Rick are very gracious hosts and we enjoyed their company and stories of their many years as residents in the region.


It sounds so simple, getting up close to the big ships, but until you have done it you just can’t understand how awesome it really is. First and foremost the Seafarers Centre provide a great experience that I could imagine would be invaluable to the ships’ crew. Such gratitude and huge smiles as they board and leave the boat. To see such large vessels up close and in different stages of the loading process puts into perspective just how big they really are. The skill involved in piloting the vessel and holding it for crew to clamber up or down from the boat to the ship was awe inspiring to see.


Full of natural beauty this place is truly amazing. Love that feeling of wandering for as long as time permits, taking on little and big challenges and enjoying the beautiful scenery that surrounds you. Not to mention that fresh beautiful sparkling water and opportunities to get wet. One day we will be back to explore more of Karijini National Park!


Joe from Pilbara Iron Country Tours took us not far from Newman, but far enough to immerse ourselves in the natural landscapes and take in all its beauty. From the very first stop where Joe showed us a place where the rocks evidence a "plop" in the primordial soup as earth begins to emerge. But from the start it was all about us and our ‘real’ Pilbara adventure, although Joe loved a good yarn himself and had some great stories up his sleeve. It felt great to relax in the back of the four wheel drive, feeling the cool breeze through the open window and enjoy the views. Kalgan Gorge and creek, driving through waterways, viewing from the top of the gorge, getting to the Pool with campers set up, was a highlight and we could really see ourselves losing track of time as we relaxed with a drink or two.


Ok so we have cheated a little to fit more in and seeing we loved our Marble Bar experience, we wanted to mention it all. The Comet Goldmine Museum is interesting, full of history (and nice jewellery) and Trevor and Sue are great hosts. The new museum with Bob was also memorable and Noy his wife is a fantastic cook next door at The Residence Bistro. Her bread is worth dropping in for and then a tasty meal will be sure to follow. Very friendly and welcoming! The Iron Clad Hotel is full of character and that’s just the décor, I’m sure if you were there amongst it all you would meet some pretty interesting characters too and Foxie is a delightful host. Didn't say it before, but Foxie thank you for our take home bush fly (jewellery pin, not to be swatted ...though I did say I never wanted to see another fly...this one is not included in that statement).


The accommodation was good and there is a pool and minigolf and gym and lots we didn't even get to explore but the stand out and shout out place here is the Capricorn Bar and Grill. A great atmosphere, even better food, and the guy’s sure can create the perfect cocktail! Our hosts Blair and Mike were a lot of fun but also good at what they do and dedicated to ensuring their customers leave with the best experience. The food is flavoursome giving the five star dining appeal mixed with your typical bar and grill meals and there is something on the menu for everyone. Great way to spend our last two nights, and say goodbye to the Pilbara! Or hello to the Pilbara for that matter...actually anything would be a good excuse.