Day 9

Posted by admin on March 31, 2015

Woken by the resident rooster and the light coming in through the gaps of the spinifex, can't say I have ever started the day like that before. Brekkie is on, come and get it! Andrea (a jillaroo) took us down to meet some calves but they had gone wandering to feed, oh well next time! Yes, I know what I said.

577A0964.jpgAnnabelle had bigger things in store for us though and we get to go up in the helicopter with her to explore the station and surrounding property by air. What an experience! To give an idea on the size of their land, by air Annabelle can check on the whole property in about three hours, by car it would take about five to six days. There is something to say about being in a helicopter with no doors and just a seatbelt on, exhilarating! The views of the river, mountains and what Annabelle described as their childhood playground was just amazing. Thanks Annabelle for what must be described as a highlight of the trip.

577A1004.jpgWe have morning tea with the station crew and then we have to get on the road and make our way to make our way to Marble Bar, the hottest town in Australia. Ironically the temperature is at its lowest it’s been the whole trip, 32 degrees and we are commenting on how cool it feels, who would of thought.

Love the featured art on the way in. A quick hello to Kate at the visitor centre, thank you for the gift bag, and we head out to meet Trevor and Sue our hosts at the Comet Goldmine Museum. Trevor had some great information on the history of the goldmine as he showed us through the museum and we couldn't resist buying a little something from the beautiful jewellery they make from the local stones and gems.


577A1108.jpgLunch today is at The Residence Bistro which is next door to the new museum all within the old Government office building. Our hosts Bob, who works as the local register for a number of Government departments and his wife Noy, who runs and cooks for the bistro were welcoming and lovely people. The cafe and museum had just opened in the beginning of March and while we were waiting for lunch Bob took us through the museum and shared his knowledge of the local history.

Lunch was really delicious and Noy's homemade bread is very deserving of a mention, plus it's served in a small flowerpot which is quite unique. Would definitely recommend stopping in for a bite to eat if you are in Marble Bar. To send us off on the road, Bob and Noy packed us a gift bag and some on the road snacks and water and we certainly enjoyed them later on the trip.

577A1179.jpgWe just have to stop into the well-known Ironclad Hotel Bar to see Foxie again and enjoy a drink, I was also happy too see 'Boing' again and have another cuddle. Thanks for the Pilbara flies (not the real ones though, the pins).

A very big drive ahead of us to Newman with some interesting sights along the way. The oversize convoy carrying the huge dump trucks was an amazing sight, as was the road trains. Driving between the mountain ranges made for a beautiful view and we stopped at Albert Tognolini Lookout to enjoy the beautiful view and our delicious snacks from Noy and Bob.

 577A1246.jpgWe finally made it to Newman and head straight to dinner at the Newman Hotel. We all could of done with a freshen up but it was late and we were hungry.  We so appreciate that Sarah and the crew were so welcoming, the meals were really tasty, the service was great and the hotel was an ideal location to relax. It has apparently had a recent refurbishment and looks very swish. Loved the black and white wall.