Day 8

Posted by admin on March 30, 2015

Met Andrew, the General Manager of The Esplanade for breakfast this morning. Again the food was really yummy and it was interesting talking to Andrew about local business and of course back home because Andrew spent a lot of time managing back in Batemans Bay.

577A0576.jpgFirst stop today is at Hedland Harbour Cafe where Ray and his team have prepared our lunch for the road. We take the opportunity for a cuppa and juice in the air-conditioning before we start the next leg.

A great drive on the open road before stopping in at Coppin's Gap for lunch. While the others changed a flat tyre. The photographer and I went exploring and we were definitely the lucky ones. The view was breath taking as we looked over the creek and the huge rock faces. The others joined us as we enjoyed our lunch on the rocks and took in the amazing view, it was even better when the breeze gave us some relief from the flies.

577A0662.jpgBack on the road, that is until we get another flat which slowed us down a bit. It’s all worth it though as we drive into Yarrie Station and are greeted by everyone on horseback wading and swimming through the river, it’s bit like a scene from Mcloud’s Daughters. Couldn't ask for a more picturesque welcome. Yarrie Station is one of two family owned stations by the Coppin family, Langtree and Ann, and is managed by their daughter Annabelle. We are really being treated here as it’s not usually open to the public to stay at the station except for the occasional blow in or camper trailer a bit further out. A quick change and we join everyone in the water for some quick introductions and before I know it I'm up on a horse. Gracefully of course and completely natural (haha) I was led through the water, I really enjoyed it though. The water was warm and a great start to our time at Yarrie Station.

577A0827.jpgUp to the house, a quick look around and the guys snuck off to catch the end of the cricket while I was convinced to jump in the pool with the Maddi's (two fun 8 year old's staying out on the station too).

Felicity from the Pilbara Development Commission is staying out too and she prepared our dinner and it was delicious. Her theme was to reflect the traditional station meal in her modern dishes, yum! Entree of fresh vegetables and homemade salmon dip and also a french onion dip, main was a kangaroo stew and a Spinifex Beef (Yarrie's own special high-grade beef) stew with turkish bread and salad. Dessert was Pistachio Golden Syrup Dumpling with and ice cream. Another contender for a reality cooking show and a 10 out of 10 from the judges.

577A0860.jpgLots of chatting and getting to know one another with the station-hands and Jillaroos,  training to nail another 'light shoot' (check out the photos), karaoke and we even got to meet a little joey called "Boing" before the night ended. We also met Foxie the Marble Bar's Iron Clad Hotel owner so we already have part of tomorrow's itinerary ticked off!

Our sleeping quarters was a small shed with lots of spinifex thread through chicken wire and running water over it to keep us cool. Different but interesting and a good night’s sleep. Very cool and very cool!!!