Day 2

Posted by admin on March 24, 2015

An early start today to catch the sunrise and I am so glad we did. It was absolutely stunning sitting down on the beach watching the sky slowly change colour and the clouds  above  take on an orange/pink colour. So lucky to be able to watch the sun come over the horizon and light up the sky.

day-2-pic.pngBack to our cabin for some breakfast before heading down to the boat for a fishing trip out in the big blue. Brad, our skipper took us out for a pretty choppy ride which left some of us feeling a little queasy, ok probably just me. Let's just say I am glad I took the sea sickness tablet because even as we stopped for some fishing I did not feel great. Well looked after though from Art and Jade. I even briefly gave the fishing a go before passing the rod on. Happy to sit back and look over the ocean and see the odd sea snake and turtle. Graeme however was in his element and enjoyed it all from the boat ride to the fishing. It's a shame he placed the "Graeme fishing curse" on the trip and no one caught anything (definitely didn't have to do with the tides or the darkening of the water after Cyclone Olwyn) but we can hassle him for that later.

577A9577.jpgThe ride back in was perfect, the wind had died down and it was easy to sit back, feel the nice cool breeze and take in the awesome views of the island and the ocean. After  a yummy bbq lunch  we had the chance to relax before heading off for a swim in the pool.

The highlight of the day was most definitely how we spent the evening. A tour of the largest off-grid solar field, the battery storage bank and the reverse osmosis desalination plant. I didn't really think I would find it as interesting as I did but Art's passion draws you in.

Next Art drove us to back beach (right over the other side of the island) and on arrival Jade called us over to two baby turtles hatching.  You think seeing a baby turtle would be the cutest thing ever and they certainly didn't disappoint. It was awesome to be  able to capture their journey on  the go-pro, like most baby animals their walk was all wobbly as they made their way down to the water.  We could all almost feel their relief as they reached the water and luckily Graeme spotted an octopus so patiently waiting for its dinner so we were able to watch over the turtles to see they were safe.

day-2-blog-pic-3.jpgA walk along the reef with Jade and then we all sat back and relaxed while watching the sunset. A few drinks, a yummy cheese platter, great company and the most amazing view as the sun set over the ocean. Beautiful night so the fun continued for quite some time.

We had so many laughs especially as Tangiora had a crew and later Jade posing for a thousand light shots. With a low shutter speed and using the light from a phone she was able to  make it look as though the crew had created consistent light patterns in the sky. More to the point, each of us watching on were happy to sit back and shout instructions on how to improve. Such a great night in a beautiful part of the Pilbara.