Day 12

Posted by admin on April 6, 2015

Up early to get to the airport and allow enough time for a TV interview and reflection of the most amazing 11 days. We were greeted by the airport manager and head of airport security. Sad that the adventure is near the end and we have to say goodbye to the Pilbara and our crew here, but there is more planned for when we arrive in Perth.

Photo 2-04-2015 12 25 03 pm.jpgFirst stop when we arrive in Perth is the office of CITIC Pacific Mining where we are greeted by Adrian. He takes us down to the model room where we are able to view the Cape Preston Sino Iron's project diorama. Adrian was friendly and easy to talk to as he walked us through this very different process of magnetite iron ore development as opposed to the hematite processes we have viewed earlier. The processing is done on site and involves in-pit crushers and then being transported by conveyor through massive crushing mills, screens and magnetic separators while being mixed with water to make a slurry. This slurry is then pumped via a 30km pipeline to the port where it is stacked in the stockyard ready to be exported. The process is quite involved however interesting especially being able to view in 3D models.

Next we are off to Fremantle and to a favourite eatery of our host and tour guide, Bread in Common. The setting is unique and full of character with something to catch your eye almost everywhere throughout the large building. The place was busy but service great and quick. We sampled some of the large selection of cheeses accompanied with bread and they were delicious. Our main meals were equally as tasty and very filling.

After feeling so full a walk through Fremantle was fitting and attractions were pointed out along the way. Our afternoon soon got away from us though we still had time to kill before our flight so bid farewell to our host and enjoy a quiet afternoon exploring Perth.

The past 12 days really have been the adventure of a lifetime with lots of laughs and the chance to try new experiences. We pretty much ate our way through the Pilbara, with every meal being just as delicious as the last and the meals always so big and full of flavour. The people we have met along the way have been incredibly friendly and welcoming and we soon realised that everyone had a story. Where did they come from? What bought them here or why have they chosen to never leave? What they love about the area or what they most miss about home?

577A9238.jpgWe were extremely lucky to have won this trip and will talk about it for years to come. Thank you to everyone who made the trip what is was! Everyone from the Pilbara Development Commission (Carolyn, Felicity, Rebecca, Justin, Gina and Kevin) we know you can't be a part of everyone's adventure to the Pilbara but you were certainly a part of ours. Tangiora, our photographer from Kick Up Dust Productions, who is not only amazing at what she does but also patient, positive and just downright hilarious.

Each and every sponsor made our trip amazing in its own unique way and we are so thankful for that. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend any of you to anyone thinking about visiting the Pilbara.

Last blog is being written from home and it’s not quite the same. We can't believe it’s over, we had so much fun and we will definitely be back.

So for the last time, using our two-way radio code names, “Paparazzi this is Princess Kate signing off”