Day 2

Posted by admin on March 31, 2014

31 march


The esplanade, breakfast was awesome, really big, no wonder they call it the big breakfast.  Andrew Ziem the GM is such a nice guy, friendly and accommodating. Met Ken King again at breakfast too.


The Esplanade is so comfortable and such a beautiful place to stay with great food.

Once we had done a few chores, grabbed some ice and the photographer and driver needed thongs ... Hello what happened to the packing? We got it right



Courthouse Art gallery opened up especially for us in the morning so we could see the new exhibit, Floribundus, Helen Ansell and works from the Karntimarta brush artists. Lovely work. Wish I could get one and take it with me. Amy showed us around the exhibits. That is the only dedicated gallery in the Pilbara.

On the road to Marble Bar. The boys, Justin and Travis, charged up the CB Radios and dubbed us Big Daddy and Shadow Man .... Having fun with those ...


How's that song go Travis ... He's got the whole world in his hands, he's got he whole world ... Had us in hysterics.

We did try and find Doolena Gorge because it is supposed to be awesome but there was no signage.  Darn. Was looking forward to the swim but had some interesting bush track exploration instead.


Marble bar has a magnificent bunch of artworks leading up the hill to town, just had to stop and get some photos of that. Lovely. Wonder who created those?  In to Marble Bar and had our packed lunch which we brought with from the Hedland Harbour cafe.  Yum, spicy chicken salad and a Big.. Big piece of cake. Lunch at that beautiful memorial park in town. Some more nice works in the memorial.


Popped in to see Kate at the Visitor Centre


and then off to comet gold mine and museum. What an interesting place, a Gem. Seriously a gem. They have so many rocks and gem jewellery is gorgeous. The purse had to come out. Trevor and Sue are so informative and talented.


A really great stop.

Then a spot of jasper fossicking.  Hard to not pick up everything and the more you look down the more you find.


Finally we get a swim in the Marble Bar pool.  Bliss, sat and watched the sun going down. So peaceful and beautiful.

Marble Bar such a special spot. The Pool and the mine are the highlights.


Really nice sitting in the. Bar of the Iron Clad listening to Some country music and chatting to some locals ... A full belly after some awesome steaks and a drink.  Wonderful.


Then we saw the Doolena Gorge sign hanging from the roof .... Hmmm!