Day 12

Posted by admin on April 10, 2014

It's almost over. I have mixed feelings about leaving. It will be great to get back to my kids but not back to the daily grind. Oh well, all good things must come to an end! At least I have met so many fantastic people. I would love to come back and see them plus more of the Pilbara.


This morning there's a beach breakfast hosted by the Pilbara Development Commission at Hearson Cove on the Burrup Peninsula. What a beautiful day, the water looks so lovely and inviting. It's a breakfast to say thank you to the sponsors that helped make My Pilbara Adventure possible. Of course not all sponsors can make it from the broad region we have travelled, but we'd like to thank them all. (There are a lot to name individually so please look at them all on the credits of each daily video- this couldn't have been possible without them).


The Commission have arranged a big spread of hot and cold foods, juice and even very delicious cakes. A good turnout of guests and a few speeches by Ken King, CEO of the Commission and from Felicity who is one of the Directors and Justin made a speech in reply giving our thanks for this opportunity, which we have appreciated and loved.


It has been decided that the My Pilbara Adventure competition will run again next year.


After that we leave and drive a short way around the hill and look at some rock art. We are just leaving when Clinton Walker from Ngurrangga Tours arrives. We have to leave though as there is an ABC Radio interview to do and so we have to apologise.


We head off to Karratha's Leisureplex though we discover Ken is delayed so we can't do his interview and find he will meet us post interview. However while there we meet Sean from Onyx Cafe who will later be providing a light lunch. We also meet Tony who manages the recreation services of the Shire of Roebourne so we get a quick briefing on what is available in the complex- so much including crèche, basketball and squash courts, function rooms and more. They opened the Leisureplex last October so it's all still very new. We have just 15 minutes to play and that is cool so we quickly have a game of mini golf in the 'glow in the dark' putt putt course. Super cool set up.


Only three in Australia we are told.  We have a quick look at the pools too. It's a really good set-up with kids splash area, both 50 and 25 metre pools and beach volleyball with white sand.

We arrive at the ABC studio in Karratha and they meet us in the carpark saying we're on air after the next song. Travis had told me it would be pre-recorded because he knew I'd be very nervous if I knew it was live to air. Kristy Lee interviewed Justin and me for about 10 mintutes, I think it went well but I'm glad it's over all the same!


Back to Onyx Cafe for lunch and coffee. We choose to share nachos and quesadillas. Their coffee is yummy too. We meet up again with Ken (from PDC) for Travis to interview him and he then joins us for a drink over lunch. Not there very long because we have a plane to catch!


At the airport we have a teary goodbye to Carolyn who's been our host from PDC for the whole 12 days. We got to know each other quite well in that time. I call her my Pilbara mum now because someone at Karratha shops mistook her for my mum. That was funny because she seems my peer rather than my mum but she happily claims me as a daughter!


We also had to say goodbye to Travis, aka Shadowman, who we also got to know quite well (even though we tried to ignore him most the time, lol. Not really, only when he was taking photos and video recording, it made me less nervous!) Justin and Travis made Carolyn and I laugh a lot with their silly antics.

Thanks Carolyn, you were a great host and we're going to miss you.

Thanks Pilbara, we're going to miss you too!

Thanks PDC for all your hard work in making this happen.

It really was the adventure of a lifetime!