Day 11

Posted by admin on April 9, 2014

We discover this morning that someone has stolen the big magnet off the side of the Raw Hire Vehicle. Um-ah! So mean! That was mine:-(


Start the morning with breakfast in town because we missed the Cherratta breakky and then head off to Hampton Harbour Boat and Sailing Club in Dampier, to meet up with Skipper Brad from Discovery Sailing. We have the timing wrong however and so we chill for a while.


When we get on board and load our gear our first stop is Sam's Island. We get off the big boat and on to a smaller boat which is the type which he hires out to people, towed behind the big boat he uses for charter, Blue Marlin, to go onshore. A man  called Sam, originally from Serbia, lived here for 40 years. He built 2 houses, a summer and a winter house and rock walls as wind breaks. He passed away 9 years ago and his cat companion who departed not long after is buried beside him on the island.


Once back on board the skipper piloted past the iron-ore ships at Parker Point jetty. We saw the ships yesterday but they were way up the other end of the jetty- they are so huge to see up close, dwarfed us. One was called the Tom Price so even though we never got to the town of Tom Price we have seen a namesake.


There's so many islands out here in the Archipelago and Brad has chosen to take us to Pirate Cove on East Lewis Island today. No one lives permanently on any of the islands.


It's quite hot now so jump in for a refreshing swim. The water and sky are a beautiful blue, it's such a lovely day. Brad supplies snorkels, masks and flippers and we swim slowly in to shore, looking at fish, clams & oysters on the way. On the island there is a plaque to commemorate the tricentennial anniversary of William Dampier's visit to the archipelago in September 1699 (14 years before Cook landed). He also takes us on a walk up the rocks to see petroglyphs.


William Dampier's face appears in one of the rocks as a natural phenomenon and weird coincidence. You have to come and do this tour with Discovery Sailing and see for yourself.


On the swim back to the boat we dive down deep to see brain and stag corals and various sponges. Very ... Very ... nice.

After sitting on the boat for a while soaking in the atmosphere and chatting ... Darn it ... we better make our way back. Such beautiful surroundings.


The itinerary was quiet tonight so I took the opportunity to catch up with my cousin Cory and his wife, Kristy who have lived here for 16 months, and my other cousin, Chelsea who just moved here in January. They're enjoying living in Karratha and hope to get out and see more of the Pilbara if work quietens down.

Justin dined inhouse at Cherratta and Velocity and said the food was absolutely fantastic.

We're going home tomorrow, back to reality. It will be sad to leave.