Day 1

Posted by admin on March 30, 2014

30  March. Up super early because Dad is someone who has always been 'be there be prepared'.

Met Travis at the airport and we have to start getting used to him being around. We are calling him 'the  shadow'.  Maybe it should be 'stalker' but he is so nice. I feel like I am famous.


Flight provided by Australia's Northwest Good trip up, nice flight. Not too long.

Met at the airport by the Pilbara Development Commission. Loaded in all our bags in the Raw Hire vehicle and off to town.


So much roadwork happening. The salt is amazing.  Who knew that there were white mountains in the region, I thought they were sand. I have never heard about the salt farming that happens in the Pilbara.


The Esplanade hotel ... Fabulous hotel. Look at this is it new? No very old with new additions built with such sympathy it is seemless.

Off to the markets .. Bought a magnet but was lovely to look at all the things.


The silver star cafe is so interesting. Historical in design and half a world away from where it was made.  Best thing about it? Food was awesome.

Julie the Manager is soo lovely.


BHP tour was  super interesting .. You hear people talking all about the mines but this really made it make sense, rail and port. The infrastructure .. Great information. Best bit of today.

Dalgety Museum we had a good long chat to Arnold Cater who has been in the area for ages.  Very interesting talk.


We missed the art gallery because everything took a bit longer then we expected.  Shame.

Was super impressive to see the ship leaving too the Voyager ... That's a big ship.



Dinner at the Esplanade was phenomenal.