Day 4

Posted by admin on March 26, 2015

A bit of a sleep in and a call back home before we met Tanya at the ‘Empire6714’ café for breakfast. They offer a healthy and raw food experience and with a new menu we were in for a treat. Breakfast was beautiful and the café had a lovely unique feel to the place with local talent being displayed through homewares and gifts.

577A9107.jpgRobyn from the Karratha visitor centre joined us again today and our first experience was the Northwest Shelf Visitor Centre where we met Danielle who introduced us to the history and workings of the Karratha Gas Plant. Being one of the world’s largest liquefied gas producers the plant has an interesting background, present and future as well as a strong environmental and community presence. Thanks for the bag of goodies Danielle and it was great to meet you.

A short drive to Dampier and we met Skipper Brad as we boarded his boat the ‘Blue Marlin’. Straight off the bat we were introduced to Brad’s witty personality and you can’t ever quite be sure if he is serious or joking. All the same he is great company and has a lot of knowledge of the local and surrounding areas. We cruised past ‘Sam’s Island’ and learnt of the history involved there before getting up close to the iron ore ships. Soon we anchor in at Pirate’s Cove (and William Dampier’s landing site) and it soon feels like you are a million miles away from anything. On our own secluded beach time flew by as we explored some rock art, got some great views, nearly lost Brad down the cliff and enjoyed a swim. The water was beautiful, clear and so warm. The only thing that got us back into the boat was our rumbling tummies and the yummy spread provided by the Karratha Visitor Centre.

577A9176.jpgAfter lunch a few of us jump in for a snorkel and as we swim around the rocks Brad grabs a few oysters (I did have a try and they were kind of yum). After a few jumping tricks from the boat, a Go pro may have ended up in the ocean but that story is best left untold. Thinking it was gone forever Brad took a few dives down to have a look but nothing. He then grabbed a dive line and after 22 minutes and a lot of lost hope he found it. Hailed a hero by the rest of us, it will be interesting to see the footage as it was recording the whole time.

A quick hand line fishing comp between guys and girls (which I am still convinced was rigged) saw Graeme break his curse and catch the first and only fish but not sure it’s even worth mentioning. Many hours had passed and it was time to head back in. If you are looking for a fun ride around the islands and history mixed with humour then going out with Brad is the way to go and a must see if you are in the area.

A quick stop at the Red Dog memorial statue and a flying visit to the visitor centre before heading out to Point Samson Resort.

577A9473.jpgAs we check into our room we were blown away. Its luxury at its best and we feel really spoilt. The best was yet to come though as we meet the owners Helen and Rick for dinner at the onsite restaurant Tata’s. We were informed when ordering our mains that entrees were mandatory so Helen ordered scallops and the tasting platter which included salt and pepper crocodile, duck pate with crisps and ceviche to name a few. Each and every element was a new experience but we would definitely go back for more. The main meals were just as delicious and impossible to put into words just how much we enjoyed them. You will just have to come and try it for yourself!

A few beers, cocktails and lots of laughs later we eventually retired to the room.

Although it was late we couldn’t resist the spa which was the perfect end to a perfect day.