Day 3

Posted by admin on March 25, 2015

Couldn't resist another chance to watch the beautiful sunrise so I’m up early again for a walk along the beach. It’s so quiet, it felt like my own piece of paradise until one of the resident seagulls reminded me I wasn't alone by swooping down a couple of times. Glad there were no cameras filming the crazy dance I performed to try and get away. 


After breakfast Graeme and I took the kayaks out along the water and checked out under the wharf. So calm and peaceful out on the water so early. A quick shower, pack the bags and it's time to say goodbye to Thevenard Island and our wonderful hosts Jade and Art. On the way back we were offered the chance to watch Art throw some smelly fish scraps overboard which has been known to send some sharks and larger fish into a feeding frenzy and although it wasn't quite a frenzy we were lucky enough to see a couple of small bronze whalers have a feed. Thanks to Brad and the weather for a smooth, enjoyable trip back to the wharf and after picking up lunch from the Ashburton Resort Motel we were on the road . We got 3/4 the way back to Karratha before stopping by the Fortescue River to tackle the massive and yummy lunch.

With a bit of time to spare as we arrived in Karratha we stopped at a the Dampier Salt Lookout to view the salt ponds and had a chat to Chris who is the Health, Safety and Environment Advisor. It was interesting learning not only about the process of salt mining but also the homes and food that’s provided for a number of fish and birds and how they preserve that.

577A0048.jpgNext we met Clinton Walker  of Gurrgura's Ngurrangga Tours in Murujuga National Park for a Rock Art Tour. We were treated to afternoon tea supplied by Robyn from the Karratha Visitor Centre and then it was time to start. Anyone could access this walk and find some rock art for  themselves but it would really just be a good photo opportunity. With Clinton it was a true experience as he shared his knowledge, cracked a few jokes and pointed out a lot of art you would never see on your own. Clinton speaks with such passion, respect and humour that it’s impossible to not enjoy and learn from what he has to say. He also pointed some bush tucker and medicinal uses for a range of plants and trees. One particular tree had many uses, one being to help ladies lactate in order to breastfeed babies that weren't their own while the mother was out gathering food. An interesting fact  and Clinton couldn't help but wonder how they first worked that out.

After the tour we checked into The Ranges Karratha. The rooms are amazing and on our way to dinner we were lucky to run into Barry (the General Manager) and have a chat to him before heading out.

577A7449.jpgTonight’s dinner was at one of the newest restaurants in town, Vita Café Dining and it was hard to choose just one meal from the menu as they all sounded so good. The place was lively and many were out  enjoying their meal all on a Tuesday night. All the meals looked delicious and my Thai Massaman  lamb was perfect. The flavours were rich but not over powering and I couldn't possibly fit it all in. Somehow I still got talked into dessert (which is not hard to believe for those who know me) and it did not disappoint.  The tarts flavours of banana, chocolate, kiwi fruit and custard layered on an almond meal base worked together and it was delicious. Lovely to also meet Jang and thank her for a lovely meal.

Back to The Ranges for some much needed sleep as the adventures continues tomorrow.