Day 11

Posted by admin on April 2, 2015

Enjoyed breakfast at the Wholefood's Golf Cafe this morning with our lovely host Emma who was very welcoming. The venue is ideal especially for families and the meals were a good start to the day. My tip is try the real strawberry milkshake.

577A1825.jpgWe grabbed our packed lunch and then it was on the road to Karijini National Park. We have really been looking forward to exploring this part of the Pilbara and we just couldn't get there quick enough so lucky for us the drive was an easy one. Unlucky for me we also got to listen to my pre-recorded radio interview with Vanessa from ABC North West Radio. Vanessa was fantastic and easy to talk to but I was so nervous.

577A1860.jpgA stop at the Karijini Visitor Centre is a must especially if you are not familiar with the area, or if you just want to look into the history and have a chat to the manager Mel. She showed us photos of the gorges in a major flood event which look intimidating to say the least. With recent rains the water will not be as clear as normal we are advised but still warm and good to swim.

Off to do some exploring and we choose an easy but a good one to begin with, Kalimina Gorge. Just a short walk down and around and we are already immersed in such beauty as we look through the gorge to a small waterfall. The changes in light reflect off the water and onto the rocks changing the colours that are highlighted. Great spot to get wet and sit back and enjoy our lunch.

577A1913.jpgCan't stay too long if we want to fit more in so we jump in the car for the short drive to Circular Pool lookout. The views from the top were breath taking and we couldn't wait to get down and explore it from the ground. A fairly easy but steep descent down into the gorge but it was so worth it as we looked around and took in the stunning landscape around us. We decided to start with the walk through to Fortescue Falls and the experience only got better. A few hairy moments as we balanced along the rock ledges but it was a fairly simple walk and as we arrived we were in awe.

The sound of the waterfalls was a perfect backdrop to go off exploring, enjoy our surroundings and a touch of friendly yet competitive photography. With a taste for the area we all could have easily kept walking but with time running out we started to head back towards Circular Pool. We made things easier for ourselves this time and waded through the shallow water for most of the trip back.

577A2010.jpgWe checked out the small waterfalls and interesting rock formations before making our way back to Circular Pool. Heading back up wasn't as easy as the way down, but very manageable. We were all looking forward to another nice cool drink of water at the top.

It’s easy to see why Karijini is a drawcard for tourism as we only got a small taste and it certainly captured us. Just another reason to return to the Pilbara someday!

On the way home we were treated to a pretty spectacular lightning show over the hills and before we knew it we were back at the Capricorn Village.

577A2137.jpgWe all meet at the Capricorn Bar and Grill again for dinner and drinks and what a perfect place for our last night of shenanigans. We were joined by our hosts Blair and Mike and again we were treated to their fine menu. Their dishes are infused with great favours while still having the bar and grill feel to them. It was a top night, with a lot of laughs and a great Pilbara finale to our trip. Thanks for you hospitality guys, sorry we kept you up so late!